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At Koala Park Butchery and Abattoir, we strive to provide our producers with the best price for their cattle, hence the opening of our buying stations bringing competitive prices to our producers.

We have opened buying stations in Harare, Chiredzi, Rusape and Masvingo, and aim, in time, to open buying stations in other key locations, ensuring we have access to more of the cattle producing regions of the country.                               

We buy all types of cattle from cull cows, feed steers, weaners and bulls. All cattle are weighed on government sized scales with the producer present ensuring a transparent and fair service. In addition, we transport the cattle to Koala Park Harare or Koala Park Chiredzi (depending on purchase

location) at extra charge to our producers, thus ensuring our customers the best prices. We are continuously adjusting our prices according to the daily/weekly demand for beef.

Live Cattle Catchment
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