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Retail & Wholesale

Koala Park was established in 2002 with the opening of our first abattoir, just outside of Harare, on the Seke Road. Koala Park is comprised of passionate people, cattle men and woman, who have between them over two centuries of experience with livestock and meat processing. This passion was incorporated into the ethos of the abattoir right from the beginning and is still very much the foundation of our daily operating procedures.

We have two abattoirs operating in Zimbabwe. In Harare and Chiredzi. These abattoirs were developed with both the cattle producers and the customers in mind.

Our pricing is continuously monitored to ensure affordability. Quality control occurs in four stages.

  1. Initially as live cattle are brought in, any irregularities visible are closely monitored further along the process.

  2. Once the animal has been humanely slaughtered, the cleaning and processing begins. Irregularities, if any, are detected and health and safety procedures are adhered to.

  3. During the grading process, carcasses are further examined.

  4. Before any carcass leaves the abattoir it is examined a final time to ensure the grade is accurate and quality can be assured.

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Veterinary inspectors as well as trained staff members humanely handle and slaughter the cattle. Carcass processing is carried out by trained employees while government registered inspectors grade the carcasses. Our abattoirs have refrigeration technicians on site as well as emergency back-up generators; this enables us to maintain consistently chilled carcasses at an average temperature of -4°C.

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