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Koala Park Butchery & Abattoir was established in 2002 with the opening of our first abattoir, just outside of Harare, on the Seke Road. Koala Park is comprised of passionate people, cattle men and woman, who have between them over two centuries of experience with livestock and meat processing. This passion was incorporated into the ethos of the abattoir right from the beginning and is still very much the foundation of our daily operating procedures.

Reliable, fresh meat at the lowest relative prices...


Retail & Wholesale

We have three abattoirs operating throughout Zimbabwe. In Harare, Kadoma, and Chiredzi. These abattoirs were developed with both the cattle producers and the customers in mind.​ Our pricing is continuously monitored to ensure our products are always set to be affordable for everyone.


Pork Section

Due to a cattle shortage countrywide in 2009, we opened our pork section with the aim of bridging the meat gap. Being a small operation, we slaughtered 20 to 30 porkers a day, but over time and as demand grew we secured a license to slaughter 70 head per day.



The animals we buy locally from our producers vary considerably in breed, weight, age and condition. These differences impact the prices we pay for the animals and take into account the time required to get that animal to slaughter and the desired grade. As such, we have learnt to work with the seasonal variations and carefully monitor those ready for slaughter as well as animals coming through the system to ensure continuity, limiting supply gaps when demand is high.

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Buying Stations

We buy all types of cattle from cull cows, feed steers, weaners and bulls. All cattle are weighed on government sized scales with the producer present ensuring a transparent and fair service. In addition, we transport the cattle to Koala Park Harare or Koala Park Chiredzi (depending on purchase location) at extra charge to our producers, thus ensuring our customers the best prices. We are continuously adjusting our prices according to the daily/weekly demand for beef.


Our Fleet

Our transport fleet services over 35 towns, which requires vehicles that are capable of managing orders of all sizes. Our refrigerated vans and trailers help to keep our meat as fresh as possible, ensuring orders are kept to the highest quality.​ We have 40 trucks, 17 pick-up trucks and 14 tractors, each fulfilling an integral role in our day to day operations. Our biggest truck and trailer can accommodate 80 cattle over two floors of trailer space, while our average trailers can transport approximately 25 head of cattle.

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