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Pork Section

Due to a cattle shortage countrywide in 2009, we opened our pork section with the aim of bridging the meat gap.


Being a small operation, we slaughtered 20 to 30 porkers a day, but over time and as demand grew we secured a license to slaughter 70 head per day.

As 2014 drew to a close, we had expanded our pork abattoir and with that a license which allowed us to slaughter 150 head per day. We currently have cold-room space to accommodate 70 porkers and blast-freezer space which can take up to 120 porkers at any one time.

We take great care in ensuring our pigs are well looked after from the time they arrive at Koala Park Butchery to the time they are slaughtered.

From all the methods used to stun, and slaughter pigs, we choose to use electric currents to stun the pig, immediately after, it is bled out to finish the process. We believe this is by far the most humane way of slaughtering our porkers, and guarantees our meat quality is of the highest standard by the time it reaches our customers.

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