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Koala Park Butchery

2020 Golf Day

Chapman Golf Course

13 November 2020

Welcome to this, our inaugural golf day, where we hope to create a fun-filled day from start to finish, all for a great cause!


Welcome to what we hope to be a successful event from start to finish. Because of Covid-19 and the restrictions as a result, we are asking you to save the date for now. Although we have a date set, it all depends on when the restrictions will be lifted to a point where we can go ahead with this event.


If by 13 November 2020 we are still under lock down, we will simply move to a later date until such a time where it is possible to host the event. But, we will keep you updated as time goes on, both on our website and Facebook page, so be sure to keep on checking back.

As we start to generate interest in both sponsors and players, we will be creating online, real-time tee off times and team entries on our website, along with downloadable entry forms for your convenience. For now, feel free to read on below to see why we have decided to host a golf day.

If you have any questions with regards to the event, please feel free to email us on

The Purpose for the Golf Day:

Christmas is a time of year where family and unity is more pertinent to us than the rest of the year. A time where we all come together for our traditional family lunches and get-togethers. For some, who don't have the luxury of being able to spend this time of year with their loved ones for one reason or another, it can be a solemn period where they don't have much reason to feel the joy of the Christmas spirit. 

Years ago, we were fortunate to cross paths with a lady, Mrs. Marion Futther, who every year, takes on a mammoth task where she gathers various donations from far and wide in order to feed, clothe and make their lives a little easier to live; the pensioners from the 17 old age homes she assists. In collaboration with Mrs. Futther, our aim is to raise enough funds where we can donate enough food, clothes, blankets and anything else we can to these old age homes, not only for Christmas, but for as long as we can going forward.

Our Goal:
Through donations from both inside and outside of this golf day, our aim is to stretch any funds/donations out or as long as we can. The majority of these funds/donations will come from the proceeds of the golf day, but we will gladly accept any donations made from outside of the golf day too. Absolutely everything donated will go directly to Mrs. Futther, where she will distribute it all between the homes how she deems fit.

Below is a list of the old age homes we hope this day will have an immense impact on:
Athol Evans | B.S Leon | Fairways | Pleasant Ways | Barowdaile Trust | Fredrick Caley | Melfort | Milne Park Ruwa | RESCU | Westreign | Flamelily Trust | Salvation Army | Woodlands Nazareth |Blue Kerry | MOTHS | Waterfalls Trust.

Being our first big event like this, we do anticipate some challenges along the way, all of which will be overcome by our dedicated team of organisers. In the meantime, we are appealing to companies and individuals alike to come and be a part of this great initiative, having fun along the way!

What we are asking for from you, our possible partner sponsors:

Hole sponsorship - You will have a pick from a number of available holes to sponsor, here you are free to brand the tee-box however you like, we encourage you to come up with a mini challenge for the players, although the reason for the event is serious, we want everyone to have fun.

Prize sponsorship - If you can't sponsor a hole, we are open to receiving products which will then go towards our prize table.  

We are looking to have as many holes sponsored as possible, so if you feel this is something you or your company might be interested in doing, please email us at


The Day:

Entry fee will be US$100 per team. Included in this is green fees, a breakfast roll at half time & a drink ticket for both the players and their caddies, as well as dinner for the players. Caddy fees and cart hire will be paid to the club at club prices.

We are looking to have a field of 200 players, making 50 teams up. The golf course will be exclusively ours for the entire day. Tee off times will start at 8:00am sharp as a shotgun start, meaning teams will be teeing off from holes 1 & 10 simultaneously and will carry on throughout the day. All teams MUST be at their respective tee boxes 10 minutes before their allocated tee off time slot. Fun is the aim of the day, but we ask that you play responsibly and don't hold up the speed of play. 

Confirmed teams, empty slots and tee off times can be found below, which we will keep updated for your convenience. We anticipate the field to be filled fairly quickly, so if you would like to secure a space for your team on the day, please make sure payment has been made at Koala Park Butchery & Abattoir on Seke Road. Once the field has been filled, there will be no negotiating for extra spaces, so be sure to get in early to avoid disappointment. 

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